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The spherical videos of e-rent

When the rooms started moving
Since the internet emerged real estate marketers have had the dream of simulating an actual apartment viewing. The 360°-photography and videos have, of course, been a step into that direction. We now hope, however, that we have been able to make the decisive quantum leap.

What you can see here is called a “spherical video”. The relevant formats are probably only known to insider circles. Even the casual observer, however, will immediately discern that what is involved here is not a photographic technique any longer (like e.g. Ipix, Google-Streetviews etc.) but genuine videostreaming.

The sensation of actually walking through the rooms can be explained according to Einstein. Why should an observer move through a space himself if the rooms can do the job for him?

Employing the systems in the presentation of properties, however, has so far been hampered by substantial obstacles. For they were originally meant for an OpenAir-theatre filming events, mountain ranges or streets. That is why the cameras are usually mounted onto a car (or under a helicopter).

Since these items are better left in front of the door, however, we had to invent something else for using it inside an apartment. So we constructed a rover-system, motorised, remote-controlled, wireless. The clou: because the operator must not appear in the film, the device is controlled (with a tablet) from somewhere outside the actual rooms.

It took approx. 2 years to develop the system including all the necessary optimisations. Presenting the first examples (in December 2012) will be a novum: e-rent is the first real estate company worldwide to employ the mind-boggling possibilities this format provides. In any case the first results are going to whet your appetite.
The first examples
Technical background
and e-rent's invention
Spherivids: a quantum leap
in 360°-technique