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E-rent: The Company

e-rent immobilien Dr. Wirth KG is a specialist for furnished rentals. The covered areas comprise the conurbations of Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf; the logistics is primarily geared to catering for business demands (an advantage from which private customers benefit to a large extent, as well).

The consistent service-concept has probably led to a certain unique position of e-rent within the historical development of our line of business. Whereas it is usually characterised by small enterprises (or by mostly smaller agencies organising themselves into country-wide associations), the economic positioning of e-rent immobilien may appear to be rather unsual (at least to the impartial observer).

Although our company’s acitvities are, on the one hand, limited to the Rhineland as a region, and, on the other hand, focussed on the branch of furnished renting, e-rent has been able to capture the pole position for the renting of residential properties in Germany in the current sales ranking of the specialist press. The ranking of the 3 market leaders is as follows:

1. e-rent
2. Sparkassen-Immobilien-Vermittlungs-GmbH
3. LBS West

(source: Immobilienmanager, broker ranking 2007*, september-issue)

As it often happens in life, market positions do not simply appear from nowhere. As of a certain dimension actual ratings do not merely reflect isolated advantages, but above all: the prinicple of a systematic build-up of these advantages.

Apparently we were right to leave the national standards as national in order to exclusively adapt ourselves to international norms. This method is neither a question of goodwill nor the result of selective decisions. It is based on a business strategy which is fundamentally linked to raised challenges:

Demands on the investment volume, demands on the innovation strategy – and especially: demands on the quality of the “operative” business. Beyond all service lyricism it can therefore be claimed: different quality levels in customer service cannot only be measured; apparently you can actually sense them, as well.

For despite all our videos, Ipix or geosystems e-rent’s main quality is rather based on the special functional requirements the brokering is subjected to in everyday practice. The corresponding policy determines not only a benchmarking-system of its own (in particular: on the processual level), but also requires strict consistency in its application.

Having abided by these rules for years now has eventually lead to results like the one above. Several conclusions can be drawn from these results. First of all, however, they indicate above-average abilities: in retaining loyal customers, and in the edge we have gained both in our service for companies and in our position within an international business competition.

In any case our company will celebrate its 15-year existence in 2008. We hope to have not only used this time well, but what's more to continue doing so in the future. True to the motto: What is important is not the leadership by itself, but the passion which generates it.

Our staff: :

* broker ranking 2007: :

This result might come as a surprise. It should be explicitly noted, therefore, that the assessment was done on the basis of attested balance sheet values (from the annual closure of the accounting year 2006). Any doubts concerning objectivity or verifiability can be thoroughly dismissed as a result.

Psychologically speaking there might be 2 main reasons for certain reserves: 1. The importance of furnished property is even nowadays still being underestimated to a large extent. In other words: the fundamental structural change within our modern economic and occupational contexts has not been fully grasped with all its consequences yet. – 2. The relation(ship)s within the market of furnished renting itself have largely remained nontransparent.